Monday, May 11, 2009

Will UN Treaty Abolish Parents’ Rights?

If the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child becomes binding in this country, then parental rights as we know them will be erased.

Will UN Treaty Abolish Parents’ Rights?

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1 comment:

Jan said...

The answer, in short, is "No". Every other country with a constitution which has ratified has not found itself in the position claimed will happen if the US signs. The claims are hogwash supported by the gun lobby, christian cons who fear their children might learn about e.g. evolution, home-schoolers of the same type etc. The Parental Rights lot never answer the question: what rights do kids have? None judging from reading many of their blogs. The right to let your kid near a machine gun which you hold as a loyal USofA citizen, which you teach him to respect responsibly - and then he accidentally shoots himself in the head .... That has just happened, buddies, in your country. And some people wrote comments that this was OK. A MACHINED GUN AT HOME. In the name of all that's holy - W H Y ????Claim - parents won't be able top smack their kids. Untrue. The UN Committee which asks each country for a 5 yearly report cannot enforce its views, it can only recommend. There is no UN CRC Court. But this system is used by parents and children's groups all over the world to expose when governments interfere with the rights of both, and when they fail to carry out what they said they would do for children.